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Website to communicate AR innovation and ingenuity

Robotic arms in industrial setting.


A leading Swiss software company specializing in mixed and augmented reality enterprise solutions for process optimization and experience innovation.


AR/VR Enterprise Solutions


UX Research

Website Design

CMS Integration

Design System

The challenge

Augment IT and its comprehensive mixed/VR reality offering were in grave need of a web design solution. They required a space that would allow for complex yet meaningful content to be shared. The challenge that we faced involved designing a website that communicates both the capabilities and opportunities that stem from implementing such cutting-edge technologies into enterprise processes.

The solution

With the content received from Augment IT’s copywriting team, our task encompassed the web design and development of the site. This also required more fundamental decision-making and procedural creativity to achieve a more elevated web experience. The end solution does not only communicate all the complex information in a clear and comprehensible way, but it also uses a visual language suggestive of possibility and innovation.

Foundational design elements that are pragmatic and elegant

Before achieving an elevated experience, we needed to focus on the basics first. Choosing a pragmatic and minimalist font, we ensured that it would best support the content-heavy nature of the site. Together with the dark color palette and iconography, it paved the way for a high-tech look.

Ethereal gradient that helps communicate elevated AR experience

Across many functional and aesthetic elements, from product cards to CTAs and imagery containers, we introduced a violet-orange gradient. Together with the dark base palette, it serves to further augment the elevated look. When accompanied by other translucent elements, it continues to reference augmented reality experiences.

A content-heavy but intuitive web experience

Our biggest challenge perhaps was setting up all of the most technical information in a way that is intuitive to navigate and easy to follow. Between user flows and wireframe iterations, we arrived at a site architecture and page layouts that maintained the necessary usability without sacrificing the aesthetic.

The results

The website successfully showcases the company’s potential while educating and engaging visitors. Augment IT now stands poised to drive AR innovation across diverse industries, bridging the gap between reality and imagination, and leading the charge in shaping the future of augmented experiences.

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