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Playful look and digital presence for a new dog probiotic

A dog sitting next to a bowl of dog food and a packaging of the Wild Belly canine probiotic.


TrueCanine is a nutritional pet supplement brand that offers a proven supplement formula created by experts and veterinarians with well over 50 years of experience.


Pet Supplements


Brand Identity

Brand Collaterals

Packaging Design

Website Design

The challenge

TrueCanine, a pet supplements brand, approached our agency seeking a comprehensive branding solution that included a logo, packaging design, and a user-friendly website. The challenge was to craft a brand identity that resonated with pet owners, instilling trust and confidence in the quality and effectiveness of their product.

The solution

We devised a holistic visual solution that most of all communicates playfulness and pet joy. With our procedural creativity, once we set up the brand fundaments, the remaining tasks felt like puzzle pieces that kept coming together.

Brand basics that are fun

To enter a somewhat saturated pet food market competitively, we found it necessary to create a brand with an air of playfulness that helps it stand out. At the same time, it was crucial that the brand’s and the subsequent products’ purpose was clear. For that reason, we devised an obvious logo symbol that when paired with an authentic and spirited type resulted in a balanced, fun, and recognizable look.

Product label design that builds off of the dynamic brand identity

To stand out in retail and e-commerce, we designed packaging that featured a playful visual prominently. We also created vibrant marketing collaterals starring the happiest of pets. Clear product benefits and ingredient information were displayed, emphasizing the brand's focus on pet health.

Website that complements and solidifies the brand’s value proposition

The website was designed with a clean and intuitive layout, while still incorporating some of the jolly aspects of the branding. The most important goal was to optimize the website for a seamless user experience, making it easy for pet owners to find relevant information regarding the company as well as the products offered.

The results

Through thoughtful design and a user-centric web experience, we helped True Canine successfully carve its spot in the pet supplements market. As it continues to grow, we are confident in the holistic branding solution’s ability to remain scalable and relevant, as well as accommodating and attractive.


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