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Fresh look for an indie game development studio on the rise

A person in front of a desk that has a laptop on that showcases Furious Avocado website.


A small game development studio for hypercasual mobile games that has already released multiple high-rated games on its rise to success.


Game Development


UI/UX Design


The challenge

When Furious Avocado (FA) approached us, they were looking for a website refresh that would help them redefine and uplift their online presence. The challenge came from trying to balance this request with the minimal information that FA wanted to disclose on their website, while still maintaining a look that will attract future clients and fellow game developers.

The solution

We recognized early on the importance of a captivating online presence for a game studio to stand out in the competitive world of mobile game development. While the content we were working with was limited, it was necessary that the visual experience on the website be delightful and that it highlight the current successes of the studio. We came up with a website that combines FA’s clean design approach and their playful branding.

Refining the basics

The spot-on logo and the accompanying wordmark font were developed in-house by FA some time ago. We built on these brand components by defining a color palette, choosing a primary font, and devising iconography for the website and other future collaterals.

Parallax animations that create a playful visual interest

To better communicate the playfulness and interactivity of FA’s quality output, we extracted elements from each game and implemented them into floating mouse-triggered parallax components.

Website infrastructure and design that are minimal and easy to scan

The minimal content acted as both the biggest constraint as well as a guide in the creative process from the initial wireframes, to polished components and the final outcome.

The results

Branded web development for an indie game studio is a complex task due to the fragmented market, evolving consumer preferences, brand perception, monetization strategies, and cultural diversity. By understanding these challenges and implementing tailored solutions, we created a distinct and recognizable website that engages potential leads, and future employees, as well as builds trust, and drives long-term success in an increasingly competitive landscape.

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