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Straight-to-the-point visuals for a podcast of the same kind

Brand logo with a microphone in the background.


A podcast that looks to dissect themes around self-growth and the challenges that may arise along the way.




Brand Identity

Brand Collaterals

The challenge

The challenge was to create a fresh and captivating logo and branding design that would resonate with the target audience, accurately represent the podcast's content, and establish a strong brand presence in the podcasting community.

The solution

We conducted in-depth research to understand the podcast's unique content, themes, and target audience. Gaining a better understanding of the program and approach of the podcast, it guided our creative process and led us to a logo and an initial brand identity that are straightforward and earnest. More importantly, we created a design system that is capable of expanding along with the podcast itself.

A laconic symbolism

The logo symbol reflects the idea of nothingness as framed by the brackets. At the same time, it echoes the ability to counter such nothingness by focusing on ideas of interest - by framing and dissecting them. By doing so, not only did we capture the essence of the podcast, but we also created a symbol that is minimal yet extraordinarily versatile. Together with the bold type, it allowed us to explore various branded applications addressing both current needs and future ambitions.

The results

The cohesive branding elements added a touch of professionalism to the podcast's online and offline presence, reinforcing the podcast's credibility and authority in its niche. What we wanted to achieve is a design that resonates with the podcast's target audience and offers opportunities for community building and scalability. We managed to deliver a branding that ensures consistency across various platforms, enhancing the podcast's overall brand image and fostering brand loyalty.

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