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Cohesive packaging design that communicates wellness

Earth Eco products packaging from different products.


A supplement company that offers nutrient-dense superfood products to help customers reach their ultimate health.


Health and Wellness


Brand Collaterals


UX Design


The challenge

Based on an initial concept developed in-house, we were tasked to revitalize and expand Earth Echo’s product catalog, such that it still feels authentic, memorable, and inviting both in e-commerce and retail customer journeys. The challenge was to do so while maintaining consistency, strengthening brand awareness, and providing clear and transparent messaging in line with Earth Echo’s philosophy.

The solution

Deconstructing the provided concept design, we were able to better understand the underlying components so that we could confidently put them back together. Working with different packaging types and materials, we were pushed to mold the recognizable brand motifs to fit various functional constraints. Over the course of a couple of years, we were able to redesign and expand Earth Echo’s entire product catalog in a way that feels very much Earth Echo while also ensuring ease of use and convenience.

United under one color language

In line with Earth Echo’s brand color, all of the packaging we created followed the same deep blue as the base color. Beyond that, we involved ingredient-related colors to ensure clarity in the product messaging.

Bringing all the healthy deliciousness to a bite-size

Earth Echo’s bite-sized products offer many of the same ingredients and benefits as their other products. The biggest difference is that this product line is optimized for a more casual and frequent intake in the shape of a chocolate bite. As such, we thought it best that the design is that much more delightful. Utilizing the brand base color as well as an ingredient-defined accent color for each bite type, we created attractive gradients that were used for the packaging backgrounds.

The results

The fresh and vibrant design, coupled with clear messaging resonated with target audiences, leading to increased consumer engagement and enhanced brand perception. As Earth Echo continues to thrive in the health and wellness industry, our packaging redesign remains a testament to our dedication to clarity in visual communication as well as quality in design execution.


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