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What we are about

Our mission is to make digital experiences that are tailored to your brand and optimized for your audience.

We believe that every touchpoint is an opportunity to create something beautiful and meaningful for your customers. For over a decade, Codeart has been a trusted partner for businesses looking to create stunning digital experiences.

From handcrafted websites to mobile apps, our team of expert engineers and designers is dedicated to delivering solutions tailored to your unique needs.

We believe that every brand deserves an authentic and engaging digital presence that reflects their values and goals. That's why we take a personalized approach to every project, working closely with our clients to understand their vision and bring it to life.

Let's talk Arrow right.

Achieving our mission would not be possible without the values we’ve formed and evolved over the years.

Be curious but intentional

Balancing curiosity with intentionality is key for our team to be able to channel its creativity toward valuable and effective outcomes. Being solution-oriented, our curios explorations become a non-linear tool that leads to quality solutions.

Learn by doing and then do some more

Our commitment to constant learning and understanding is what helps us remain at the forefront of innovation and design. By embracing new technologies and consistently challenging our creative boundaries, we ensure that we keep our finger on the pulse in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Reinvent anything but the wheel

Innovation is important, but we try to avoid unnecessary reinvention and instead often build on tried-and-tested concepts. By focusing our energies on the business and user needs instead of innovation for the sake of it, we create timeless products and do so more efficiently.

The Codeart team.

Natasha Antonijevikj - Designer. Natasha Antonijevikj - Birb Illustrator.

Natasha Antonijevikj

Designer Birb Illustrator

Sashko Stevkovski - Operations. Sashko Stevkovski - Office Keeper.

Sashko Stevkovski

Operations Office Keeper

Petar Stevovski - Developer. Petar Stevovski - JavaScript Ninja.

Petar Stevovski

Developer JavaScript Ninja

Suzana Janeva - Developer. Suzana Janeva - Cozy Scripter.

Suzana Janeva

Developer Cozy Scripter

Aleksandar Lukaroski - Developer. Aleksandar Lukaroski - Markup Athlete.

Aleksandar Lukaroski

Developer Markup Athlete

Nikola Jovanov - Developer. Nikola Jovanov - Data Nutritionist.

Nikola Jovanov

Developer Data Nutritionist

Tanja Nikolovska - Custodian. Tanja Nikolovska - Fortune Teller.

Tanja Nikolovska

Custodian Fortune Teller

Kristijan Ljamov - Developer. Kristijan Ljamov - Code Delivery.

Kristijan Ljamov

Developer Code Delivery

Maja Mitrovikj - Designer. Maja Mitrovikj - Pup-tastic!.

Maja Mitrovikj

Designer Pup-tastic!

Elka Krstanoska - Developer. Elka Krstanoska - Guitar Hero.

Elka Krstanoska

Developer Guitar Hero

Andrijana Mojsovska - Developer. Andrijana Mojsovska - Chef.

Andrijana Mojsovska

Developer Chef

Dziko Siljanovski - Designer. Dziko Siljanovski - Fantasy Master.

Dziko Siljanovski

Designer Fantasy Master

Tomislav Panov - Co-Founder. Tomislav Panov - Gunner Legend.

Tomislav Panov

Co-Founder Gunner Legend

Igor Simonovski - Developer. Igor Simonovski - Stand-up Stylist.

Igor Simonovski

Developer Stand-up Stylist

Kristofer Boev - Designer. Kristofer Boev - Creative Ninja.

Kristofer Boev

Designer Creative Ninja

Ivan Janev - Developer. Ivan Janev - All-around Rockstar.

Ivan Janev

Developer All-around Rockstar

Dragan Stojanovski - Designer. Dragan Stojanovski - All Eyez On Me.

Dragan Stojanovski

Designer All Eyez On Me

Kristijan Davchev - Developer. Kristijan Davchev - Code Spinner.

Kristijan Davchev

Developer Code Spinner

Darko Damjanovski - Designer. Darko Damjanovski - Sk8er Boi.

Darko Damjanovski

Designer Sk8er Boi

Aleksandar Radeski - Developer. Aleksandar Radeski - Designated Alchemist.

Aleksandar Radeski

Developer Designated Alchemist

Antonija Dimoska - Developer. Antonija Dimoska - Motion Witch.

Antonija Dimoska

Developer Motion Witch

Sonja Jankovikj - Designer. Sonja Jankovikj - Creative Caffeinator.

Sonja Jankovikj

Designer Creative Caffeinator

Andrej Blazhevski - Designer. Andrej Blazhevski - Growth Guru.

Andrej Blazhevski

Designer Growth Guru

Antonio Janeski - Co-Founder. Antonio Janeski - Shutter Guru.

Antonio Janeski

Co-Founder Shutter Guru

Elena Zimbakova - Developer. Elena Zimbakova - Thread Expert.

Elena Zimbakova

Developer Thread Expert

Martina Koceva - Developer. Martina Koceva - Ctrl+Shift+Read.

Martina Koceva

Developer Ctrl+Shift+Read

Marija Andrejska - Marketing. Marija Andrejska - Disco Queen.

Marija Andrejska

Marketing Disco Queen

Vito Siljanovski - Developer. Vito Siljanovski - CSS Striker.

Vito Siljanovski

Developer CSS Striker